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Call for cotton leaders: 2017 Peter Cullen Trust (27 March 2017)

CRDC is again proudly supporting the Peter Cullen Water and Environmental Trust 'Science to Policy' leadership program in 2017, providing one cotton industry leader with a sponsored position in the program. 

The cotton representative will join other people actively involved in water systems management - be it river or catchment science or policy, rural water or environment - in the unique program, which is focused on leadership and communication skills specifically aimed at bringing about positive change in water and catchment management in Australia. 

Selection is competitive and based on six criteria: ability to think strategically in a big picture context; understanding of the political arena/process; capacity to influence policy; evidence of leading change through collaboration; future aspirations of leadership; and willingness and ongoing commitment to personal learning. 

Once the program is complete, successful participants graduate as Fellows of the Peter Cullen Trust. The Australian cotton industry's Fellows include: Juanita Hamparsum, Susan Madden, Brendon Warnock, Brendon Barry, Jane Trindall, Luke Stower, Zara Lowien and Tim Napier. Applications close 17 May for this year's program, which will be held in September and November. For further information on the program, and to download an application form, please visit the Peter Cullen Trust website.(link is external)