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Spotlight Magazine

  • The autumn edition of CRDC's magazine, Spotlight, looks at the ground-breaking work CRDC is investing in with its research partners to develop ways to make cotton production more reliable and profitable.

  • In this 25th anniversary special edition of Spotlight, we take a look back at 25 years of innovation and the 25 major achievements of cotton RD&E during this time.

  • This spring edition highlights the improved performance of the cotton industry on many levels.

The Inside Cotton library is a digital library of materials important to the Australian cotton industry, maintined by CRDC.

Within Inside Cotton you will find: 

  • CRDC's final research and development reports (from 1986 to 2012*);
  • CRDC Spotlight magazines (from 2007 to today);  
  • CRDC corporate publications, including Strategic Plans and Annual Reports;
  • Australian Cotton Conference papers and presentations (from 1984 to today);
  • Archived materials from the Cotton CRC, Land and Water Australia, and the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation.  

Click here to access the Inside Cotton library

The Australian cotton industry's extension materials are available via the CottonInfo website

*Note: CRDC's final reports from 2012 onwards are still undergoing review, and will be uploaded on an ongoing basis. If there is a specific report you are seeking from the 2012-onwards period, please contact CRDC on 02 6792 4088.