Funding Available

CRDC invests in RD&E for the Australian cotton industry. Our RD&E investments are driven by the strategic priorities outlined in the CRDC Strategic RD&E Plan and Annual Operational Plan.

In 2024-25, we will invest $32.13 million on behalf of Australian growers and the Government into cotton RD&E in collaboration with around 100 research partners. 

We welcome applications for support from researchers, students, community organisations and growers. This section of the website is specifically designed for researchers and students, and outlines the funding opportunities available to them. If you are a cotton grower or community organisation interested in applying for funding, please see the For Growers section.

What investment is available for researchers?

Clever Cotton utilises a new program and investment plan framework for RD&E investments. This enables CRDC to focus on delivering large-scale desired outcomes that provide better solutions for complex problems and have a greater impact for the industry. Greater emphasis and support will also be given to ensure that researchers can collaborate and share their results with each other and the broader industry.

The majority of CRDC’s investment funds are allocated to RD&E projects under our procurement process. CRDC provides researchers with clarity around the specific outcomes that the Australian cotton industry and Government are seeking to achieve by calling for research funding applications through Expressions of Interest (EOI). More information is available under Applying for Funding.

A small amount of funding may also be made available by CRDC for commissioned projects, which are those CRDC specifically commissions to achieve selected objectives within the Strategic RD&E Plan. An open call is not held for commissioned projects – rather, CRDC approaches researchers to undertake these projects according to their speciality or areas of expertise.

Funding for researchers may also be available in the form of Travel Grants and Scientific Exchanges, depending on CRDC budget availability. Research organisations may also be interested in hosting a university student for a Summer and/or Honours Scholarship. More information is available under Scholarships

What opportunities are available for students?

Whenever possible, CRDC also provides funding for students who are undertaking studies or research in cotton at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. This funding is designed to encourage students to pursue careers in the cotton industry – be it in production or in research.

When funding is available, CRDC provides Postgraduate Scholarships to postgraduate (Masters or PhD) students to assist with the completion of an industry-specific project. These projects may relate to any field of cotton research related to CRDC’s strategic RD&E programs, as outlined in Clever Cotton. 

In addition, CRDC Summer and Honours Scholarships are available to university students completing the senior years of an undergraduate degree or enrolled in an honours program. The scholarships provide them with the opportunity to work on real research, extension or industry projects in a working environment as part of their professional development.

Importantly, applications must come from researchers/research organisations rather than students, and applications from those currently supported by CRDC will be given priority (although other researchers are welcome to apply).

More information on all the student opportunities can be found under Scholarships