Industry's flagship Production Manual out now! (1 June 2018)

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One of the industry’s flagship publications, the Australian Cotton Production Manual, has just been released for 2018. 

Brought to you by CRDC and CottonInfo, the Manual delivers the latest in cotton industry RD&E and is a key reference tool for best management practice in cotton.Developed by a team of industry researchers and experts, the Manual brings you the latest information to help you make on-the-ground decisions for your crop and your farm.

It contains four sections, focused around the considerations and decisions that growers are faced with across the cotton growing season:

Planning: The planning section of the Manual covers the key considerations for growers – starting with the ideal climate for cotton growing, the availability of water and the resulting farming system of irrigated, semi irrigated or raingrown cotton. The chapter then looks at the other key determinates for cotton in the planning phase: the selection and preparation of fields; choosing the right seed variety; planning for nutrition and energy use efficiency; and laying the foundations for year round integrated pest, weed and disease management.

In-season: The in-season section of the Manual focuses on the areas of particular relevance for growers once the crop is in the ground. Crop establishment, crop growth, efficient spray application and managing the crop for yield and fibre quality are the key chapters in this section, along with irrigation management, which showcases the new technologies in development or already in the field.

Harvest and post-harvest: The harvest and post-harvest section of the Manual looks at cotton during its final on-farm stage. This section includes chapters on preparing for harvest and harvest itself, including managing considerations relating to quality, and managing cotton stubbles and residues post-harvest. It also takes a look at the off-farm process of ginning and classing, providing a beyond the farm gate perspective.

Business: The business of cotton can be complex. This section looks at the business components of cotton production that are relevant all year round – including economics, marketing, finance, insurance, and the safety and management of the industry’s human resources. The Manual is designed to help you increase your input efficiencies and improve your yield; help the industry proactively manage issues that affect all of us; and ensure our cotton remains of very high quality.

The manual is available electronically here. For hard copies, please contact CRDC on 02 6792 4088 or speak to your local CottonInfo Regional Extension Officer. The updated version of the Manual's sister publication – the Cotton Pest Management Guide – will be released on 1 September, 2018.