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Our Team

CRDC’s small but dedicated team of skilled and experienced staff actively manage R&D investment portfolios to achieve the cotton industry’s strategic goals. Our internal capacity is an important element of the overall effectiveness of R&D investment for the cotton industry.


 Ian Taylor
 Executive Director


 Allan Williams
 Acting General Manager, R&D Investment & Impact 



 Jane Trindall

 R&D Investment & Impact Manager


 Susan Maas 
R&D Investment & Impact Manager


 Warwick Waters
 CottonInfo Program Manager


 Ruth Redfern
 Communications Manager 


 Graeme Tolson 
 General Manager Business and Finance

 Dianne Purcell
 Executive Assistant

 Emily Luff 


 Megan Baker
Project Administration Assistant




 Peter Harvey

 IT Manager 



Lynda George
Project Administration Assistant