Australian Cotton Sustainability Report


The Australian Cotton Sustainability Report 2019 is the Australian cotton industry's second five-year sustainability report, co-published by Cotton Australia and CRDC. It provides a succinct and balanced summary of our industry's sustainability performance against eight environmental, economic and social sustainability topics from July 2014 to June 2019, and meets an industry commitment to report on sustainability every five years. 

The report shows the industry can be proud of a long-term trend of improvement in many areas, and highlights some areas in which we can do better. 

The report is part of the industry's wider PLANET. PEOPLE. PADDOCK sustainability framework.

The framework recognises sustainability is integral to the industry’s future and provides a path for the entire industry to stay in business. PLANET. PEOPLE. PADDOCK. guides our industry’s work to: set ambitious industry-wide Australian cotton sustainability targets; coordinate existing work and new investments to achieve these targets; engage effectively with stakeholders on actions and progress, and provide a united vision for further positive change. For more information about PLANET. PEOPLE. PADDOCK, please view our fact sheet (link below).