Designing a future for Australian cotton

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December, 2014

This report outlines CRDC's key priority areas for 'futures research' investment, based on extensive consultation with stakeholders. 

The Australian cotton industry is internationally recognised as innovative, dynamic and hugely successful – due in part to the willingness of the industry to invest in world-class results and rapidly adopt the emerging science, innovations and technology. However, the environment in which the industry operates – be it at the farm, industry or international scale – is rapidly changing. The challenge for the industry is to continue adapting to these changes and remain profitable, sustainable and competitive. 

As a result, a key aspect of CRDC’s research and development focus over the coming years is to invest in areas that ambitiously seek to transform the industry to ensure it is profitable, sustainable and competitive in 20 years time, and beyond. It’s an ambitious goal given that the future is unpredictable, so the challenge for CRDC is how and where to focus these investments - and CRDC has been seeking advice from experts within and outside the industry. As part of this process, in late 2014, a series of stakeholder forums were held to help identify priority areas for CRDC's Cotton Futures investment. This report outlines these priorities.

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